QBE3000/QBE3100系列 壓差感測器 Differential Pressure Sensor


  • 適用於中性溫和液體/氣體
  • 陶瓷測量裝置
  • 可用AC 24 V / DC 18…33 V 或 DC 11…33 V
  • 輸出訊號可選擇DC 0…10 V output signal 或 DC 4…20 mA
貨號: qbe3000-qbe3100 分類:


Differential pressure sensor, suitable for gases or liquids, for the measurement of pressure differentials in HVAC systems.

  • Ceramic measuring system
  • Robust construction for highly reliable operation
  • For neutral and mildly corrosive liquids and gases
  • Supply voltage AC 24 V / DC 18…33 V or DC 11…33 V
  • DC 0…10 V output signal or DC 4…20 mA
  • Male-threaded G1/8″ connection
  • Delivery includes 2 screwed fittings for copper pipes, 6 mm diameter
For slightly aggressive liquids and gases. With threaded connections G1/8″.
Including mounting bracket and 2 screwed fittings for copper pipe, 6 mm dia.
*Not suitable for use with ammonia or freones.

Siemens Differential Pressure Sensor QBE3000-D../QBE3100-D..




QBE3000-D1, QBE3000-D1.6, QBE3000-D2.5, QBE3000-D4, QBE3000-D6, QBE3000-D10,, QBE3000-D16, QBE3100-D1, QBE3100-D1.6, QBE3100-D2.5, QBE3100-D4, QBE3100-D6,, QBE3100-D10, QBE3100-D16


QBE3000: AC 24 V, DC 18…33 V
QBE3100: DC 11…33 V

Analog output, signal

QBE3000: DC 0…10 V
QBE3100: DC 4…20 mA

Pressure conneciton

Internal thread G 1/8 "

Connection, electrical

Plug-in connection

Medium temperature

-15…80 °C

Degree of protection