QBM81系列 壓力開關 Differential Pressure Switch QBM81


  • 壓差開關/感測器
  • 壓力感測範圍:20…5000Pa(依型號而不同)
  • 應用於風車,濾網之空調通風系統氣流壓差偵測
貨號: qbm81 分類:


For air and nonaggressive gases

  • For ventilation and air conditioning plants
  • To monitor air filters, air flow, fan belts
  • To monitor pressure in clean rooms, kitchens etc.
  • Easy to mount
  • >1 mio switching cycles
  • Highly precise setting
  • Long-term stability

Siemens Differential Pressure Switch QBM81-…

In ventilation and air conditioning plants to:
Monitor differential pressure, underpressure and overpressure
Monitor air filters and air flows
Recognize torn fan belts
Differential pressure switches can be used in clean rooms, kitchens, etc.

Type Pressure range(mbar) (Pa) (inH2O)
QBM81-3 0,2…3 mbar 20…300 Pa 0.08…1.2 inH2O
QBM81-5 0,5…5 mbar 50…500 Pa 0.2…2 inH2O
QBM81-10 1…10 mbar 100…1000 Pa 0.4…4 inH2O
QBM81-20 5…20 mbar 500…2000 Pa 2…8 inH2O
QBM81-50 10…50 mbar 1000…5000 Pa 4…20 inH2O

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QBM81-3, QBM81-5, QBM81-10, QBM81-20, QBM81-50

Dimensions (W x H x D)

88 x 110 x 90 mm

Connection, electrical

Screw terminals

Digital outputs

1-pin , Potential-free , Switchover contact

Permissible operating pressure

7500 Pa

Ambient temperature, operation

-30…85 °C

Mounting position

Diaphragm vertical, pressure connection pointing downward

Digital output, switching voltage

DC 24 V / AC 24…250 V

Digital output, switching current

0.01…5 (3) A

Pressure conneciton

Connection branch, 6.2 mm dia.

Degree of protection


Dimension (Ø x L)

81 x 90 mm